Kitchen, Bar and Buffet OS&E

for luxury hotel / restaurant projects

Matfer Bourgeat International is the projects division of Groupe Matfer-Bourgeat,
French manufacturer of quality kitchen utensils & equipment since 1814

Matfer Bourgeat International (EX-EuroChef) was founded in Hong Kong in 1991, and has since expanded to have subsidiaries all over the world, creating Matfer Bourgeat International network.
We specialize in providing kitchen utensils, small equipment, and buffet items to new hotel projects, providing a “one stop shop” for your OS&E needs.
Additionally, we supply other new projects, such as restaurants, culinary schools, and air catering facilities.
We are 100% owned by the Matfer Bourgeat manufacturing group, which means you are actually dealing directly with the factory, for the majority of the items on your list.


Over more than two decades, we have developed a “full service” capability, including:

  • Preparation of detailed OS&E lists using kitchen plans and customer input

  • Utensil and equipment sourcing mainly from our own factories, or from our long term, proven partners

  • Reliable sourcing of additional items not in our range, but specifically requested by end users

  • Providing logistics solutions for delivering the goods to your site

  • On-site assistance from experienced Matfer Bourgeat International staff, to help with receiving and unpacking at large projects